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Very large scale boosters and the launch sites to support them.
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Orbit Transfer Motors




Air Launched Rockets

The Air Breathing Propulsion Device (ABPD) from one firm can go from runway to 2km/s (M5.9 SL).
Air breathing options are often suggested as a replacement or augmentation to rockets.
These schemes rely on the higher ISP afforded by using "free air" as the vehicle flies
through the atmosphere. The reducing atmospheric density vs. altitude requires increasingly
complicated and edgy technologies as speed and altitude increases, to a 120,000 foot (37 km) limit.
After that it is rockets all the way since the limit of such vehicles so far is Mach 7 and it
requires M24 to orbit. Rockets cannot be replaced.




Static test video of a high ISP 18" diameter "VG SS2/SS3 class" HTP-HTPB-AL hybrid. Note the stable
combustion, self ignition, and low smoke. This design is scalable from 3" diameter to 190" diameter.

Static test of 18 inch HTP-HTPB-AL hybrid.

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Balloon Launched Rockets

What is space anyway?

How fast is Mach?

Atmospheric skip trajectory noted on chart.

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